NeLP meeting in Belgrade


Meeting Next steps for NeLP - Network of Low Prevalence Countries of Central and South-East Europe took place in Belgrade on October 11, 2011. The meeting was organized by EATG and Q-Club, and it was held in Hotel Continental. It gathered more than 40 participants from partner countries of NeLP, as well as guests from the Ministry of Health of Serbia, the National office for HIV/AIDS, UNDP, UNAIDS, the World Health Organization, and other HIV activists.

The topics of the meeting were current problems that partner countries face regarding stock-outs of medicines and diagnostics for HIV treatment. EATG presented and offered the Emergency guidance on ART forced treatment interruptions due to drug unavailability (forced stock-outs) for people living with HIV and their care providers in Europe and Central Asia. The Guidance gave practical advice for patients on what to do in these situations.


The Budapest Declaration, which was made on the first NeLP meeting, and the NeLP website that was made after the meeting ( were presented to everyone. Also, some future steps for the network were defined.



Five-Year Report of the Q-Club


This May, we from the Q-Club celebrated five years of our work. In the previous years we have provided support for people living with HIV, and helped them improve their quality of life in Serbia. Activities and results we are particularly proud of are in our brochure “Living with HIV, health, voice and services”, which also contains our five-year activity report.

The report is guided with our general idea “no one can help us as much as we can do for ourselves” intended to include people living with HIV into solving problems of prevention, treatment, raising awareness about HIV, fighting stigma and discrimination.

In the last five years we have developed very significant activities, that make us very proud, and they are: psycho-social support, advocacy for treatment, education on ARV therapy, ICT programme. We have made the Q-Club one of the eminent organizations working with HIV/AIDS issues in the region, and are part of several international associations and networks, like HIV Europe, NELP and ENP+.

This report was also a chance for us to present some future plans, particularly on standardization of services, and accreditation of our training programmes, sustainability, and capacity building. We will put particular effort into increasing quality of treatment for people living with HIV, especially for medicine and diagnostics availability, and in fight against stigma and discrimination of PLHIV.



Donation for the VI ward of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Belgrade

kapija inf klinike.jpg

Associations Safe Pulse of Youth and Q-Club from Belgrade gave a modest donations of hygienic packages to help users of the VI ward of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Belgrade. In this way, our organizations wanted to give direct and concrete help and show solidarity to everyone admitted to the VI ward of the Clinic.

Our associations will help users of the VI ward in similar way in the future as well. And for that we call on everyone, fellow citizens, organizations and companies to join the collection of donations for people living with HIV/AIDS in Serbia.

All the donations will be going directly to the VI ward of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases. You can get all the information by contacting the Clinic on 011/3345852 or 011/2685-299.

Funds for this donation were raised on gay parties in Belgrade, on the Civil Society Organization Show, from the members of our two associations and from private donors. Our associations thank everyone who took part in gathering of this donation, and we call on you solidarity to continue with other human gestures in the future. We believe they are very important to the people who benefit from such support and for our society in general.

(SPY i Q-club, Beograd, 20.09.2011.)


New Address of the Q-Club


Following the marking of our five years of work we will be moving to new offices, where we will continue to give support to people living with HIV. The new offices are in Šafarikova Street no 6, and are in the area of 144 m2. They will be used as our central office and for psycho-social support service for people living with HIV.

As we have finished the necessary renovations we started working in our new offices. So we invite all of our members, users, and friends to visit us. Welcome!



Sixth IAS Conference in Rome

RIM_jul_2011 045.jpg

The biggest science conference on HIV/AIDS, the Sixth IAS conference, was held in Rome, Italy on July 17-20 2011. The Conference was organized by the International AIDS society. This Conference is held every two years, and attracts over 5.000 delegates all over the world. It is a unique opportunity for the leading scientists, clinicians, public health experts, and representatives of the HIV community to meet and learn about the newest researches and views on how science progress can effect the global response to HIV.

During the conference, protests were organized against the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi because Italy didn’t pay its contribution to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

We had a representative of the Q-Club, Nada Micic, participating in the conference.


Five year report