Standardization and recognition of psycho-social support for PLHIV as social wellfare services


Project name: Standardization and recognition of psycho-social support for PLHIV as social wellfare services

Duration: 12 months (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012)

Partners: Global fund Project implementation unit of the Ministry of Health, National HIV/AIDS office, UNAIDS, International Aid Network (IAN)

Donors: Balkan Community Innitiative Fund (BCIF), Gilead, Medicopharmacia

Project goal: To create official standards for services of psychosocial support for PLHIV and ensure their addoption on national level

To create and accredit training program for psychosocial support and treatment literacy on national level.

To improve sustainability of organization and its programs: PS and TL services for PLHIV trough their inclusion in national social-health care system.

Activities: We are going to conduct the research about the needs and expectations of people affected by HIV in terms of psychosocial support and treatment literacy. This will be done in five focus groups and field research to determine the needs of PLHIV in the area of psychosocial support, their experience and satisfaction with the services that have so far received.  Different community groups will be covered (MSM, youth, IDUs, women). We will process the results of research.

We are going to establish the standard for providing psychosocial support to people with HIV based on the research and  experience in providing this kind of support. We are going to organize meetings with providers of these types of services in drafting process. Upon completion of the draft version we going to organize a round table with NGOs, Centres for Social care, representatives of Ministry of Health and Ministry of labour and Social affairs and the Ministry of Local Government to introduced the standards and programs and going to appreciate comments and suggestions.

Then standards will be presented to the Department for Social Welfare - Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and we’ll lobby for their adoption. In the same time training program will be submitted to the Institut of social welfare for adoption. Upon exposure to Ministry and Institute, we will organize conference (panel disuccion) for the interested groups and emphasize the necessity of the implementation of those standards by the Ministry and provide additional support to their implementation as quickly as possible.

This action is going to ensure and make those services of psychosocial support and treatment literacy for people affected by HIV/AIDS standardized, systematized, and in that way recognized by the state institutions and incorporated into the regular program of social services regularly implemented and funded by state and local funds which is the unavoidable step toward its sustainability.

Five year report