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Q – Club is humanitarian, nongovernmental organization, founded in 2006. For the first time in Serbia NGO is founded by people living with HIV/AIDS. Organization is based in Belgrade, but it works on national level.

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“Promoting Universal Access: HIV/AIDS Treatment, Care, Support and Prevention” workshop organised by Q-Club and intended for civil sector activists working with people living with HIV or most at risk populations took place in the “IN Center” in Belgrade on Friday, October 17th 2014.
“Basic Treatment Literacy” workshop was organized by Q-Club for people living with HIV, and it took place in the auditorium of the Clinic for Infectious diseases in Belgrade on Thursday, October 16 2014.
HepHIV 2014 Conference – Challenges of Timely Testing and Care – focusing on testing and early detection of HIV and viral hepatitis infections was organised by HIV in Europe and it took place in Barcelona from 5th to 7th of October.
Consensus Conference, dedicated to closing of the Global Fund project in Serbia and planning sustainability of key future activities took place on September 30, 2014 in Pallace Serbia in Belgrade.