About us

Q – Club is humanitarian, nongovernmental organization, founded in 2006. For the first time in Serbia NGO is founded by people living with HIV/AIDS. Organization is based in Belgrade, but it works on national level.

Aids resurse



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Meeting between Q-Club and subsidiaries pharmaceutical company Medicopharmacia in Croatia and Serbia took place in Belgrade on February 8, 2016.
For the patients living with HIV who are currently in treatment in the Clinic for tropic and infectious diseases in Belgrade, Pharmacy “Krug” from the Pharmaceutical company Famranea provided a donation of hygienic necessities.
Activists of Q-Club gave support to the Queer Film Festival, Merlinka by giving an appropriate introductory speech about how people live with HIV in Serbia, about their position and services available for them.
In cooperation with the Student’s Science and Research Center of the Medical School of the Belgrade University, Q-Club organized two workshops.