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Q – Club is humanitarian, nongovernmental organization, founded in 2006. For the first time in Serbia NGO is founded by people living with HIV/AIDS. Organization is based in Belgrade, but it works on national level.

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The new EACS guidelines for HIV treatment were presented on the recently finished EACS 2015 Conference. The new guidelines, version 8.0 include changes in almost all sections of the guidelines, and in the best way reflect the program and the most interesting segments of the Conference.
Fifteenth biannual European AIDS Conference took place on October 20-24th in Barcelona. The conference was organised by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), and it gathered more than 3500 delegates – healthcare professionals and activists from all over Europe.
Following the Beyond VCT meeting in Barcelona, representative of the Q-Club used the opportunity to visit one of the leading European Checkpoints – the BCN Checkpoint.
Checkpoints – Beyond VCT centers - Next steps for community testing in Europe – was the meeting of community testing centers across Europe which took place in Barcelona on 20th of October 2015.